Saturday, February 26, 2011

Getting To Know Breeze Bars Gluten-Free Product Review

The best way to enjoy an energy bar is after a workout, for me it was just over a  5k outdoor run. You know the feeling, you just ran your butt off, your'e feeling good overall in the muscles, after drinking some water you're body is feeling light, fit and pulsates from pushing your limits.  After some solid stretching and cooling down though your body needs nourishment to level off.

Product: Here comes the all natural, Breeze Bar, made in Colorado by Registered Dietician, Breeze Brown of Boulder.  I tasted the original and chocolate products and love them!  Each bar is made with all natural ingredients and offers the needed calorie replenishment with a great flavor, which are all plusses.  Breeze tests all of her products for 2 ppm gluten to encourage safe consumption. All bars are wheat, gluten and dairy free and made with genuine care and affection.

Review:  Imagine eating a much healthier version of a Rice Krispy treat... With a strong rice presence it offers a desirable crunchy/chewy experience.  The bars leave you fulfilled, but without the filling bulge in your stomach.

Get some of these Breeze Bars fast and you will enjoy them on your hike, run, bike and more just be sure you have enough water, snacks and/or other food depending on the need of your individual work out! Sold in 5 states and available online, too.

Recommend Breeze Bars to Celiacs: 5 of 5
Recommend Breeze Bars Overall Allergen Friendly: 4 of 5
Recommend Breeze bars to anyone: 4 of 5

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