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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Promise Gluten Free Bread Is For Celiacs

If you have Celiac Disease vs choosing a gluten free lifestyle, there is a different health standard and expectation. But we should reunite our standards. Those who know me and have read my articles regularly (thank you) would know by now that I have very high gluten free standards and constantly question the market place, restaurants and any labeled GF options because of ongoing disappointments and lack of policing and regulation. Yet I love our progress and appreciate those who certify their products, you rock! However for some reason in 2016, gluten-free standards are still not taken seriously by all.  However, today is a great day for gluten free sandwich lovers out there whom have Celiac Disease or a legit gluten free lifestyle choice because Promise Gluten Free Bread is a great option! 

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Taste Your Bread With Rudis Gluten-Free Product Review

Rudis gluten-free bread review by @GlutenFreeG

For awhile gluten-free breads were cheap, fluffy, holed, and not tasty. Then came Rudi's who has done it better.  The good news is that Rudis gluten-free breads come in three improved tasty recipes and constantly innovating in a very competitive gluten-free bread category. There is so much innovation happening I'm hooked so far on this cinnamon raisin and excited for a nutrient dense multi-grain bread that can toast well. 

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Rosi Loves GFGal's Gluten Free Breads!

Musician - Rosi Golan

Loving the breads so much by Chelsea (GFGal) I had to promote it as much as I could wherever possible....  I told my friend Rosi Golan, singer/songwriter, whom was traveling on her national tour through Denver about the flavored breads over this past week. Rosi being so wonderful as usual was telling me about her drive towards gluten-free living so I had the two meet.  Rosi was extremely humbled and grateful for the offering and was pleasantly surprised on how amazing these breads truly are. They are sweeping Colorado by storm with another double rainbow gluten-free style.

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