Gluten-Free symbolizes 100% gluten-free ingredients through all manufacturing, production, kitchen and serving to customer whether this be in a restaurants, cafe, packaged good or freshly made food or beverage.

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The gluten-free community has had enough false advertising. We had trusted you... brands, restaurants, friends, family, owners, chefs... If you serve a gluten-free meal it has to require the following requirements or we must protect others by publishing a shame on you list until you can fix your ways or remove all of your claims and disclaimers.

Reporting False Claims Submit your 100% evil doer to with as much information as possible including name, location, website, screen shots and/or video for us to share. We must share tehse stories with each other so that we can learn and notify the businesses who fail. Thank you!

Mountain Oven (Crested Butte, Colorado)

Serving gluten free items made in an allergen full kitchen and serving them in an area unwrapped contaminated by other gluten pastries and baked goods. Mountain Oven failed. Read here.

Better4UFoods Expo West Fail (California)

Better4UFoods set-up their vendor booth at Expo West that was clearly messaging their new  gluten free pizza everywhere, including Gluten Intolerance group (GFCO) logos on their table yet served regular gluten pizza. Only later after I had an accident getting glutened did they put a pathetic disclaimer for their toaster. Shame on you. Irresponsible. Do not trust. Better4UFoods failed. Read here.

Trend Tea & Coffee House (Montclair NJ)
Coffee Shop Owner Admits Selling Contaminated Gluten-Free Pastries & Won't Pull Them Because, "They Sell". Shame on you. Trend Tea Failed. Read here

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