Sunday, September 18, 2016

Gluten & Allergen Free Expo 2016 & Event Sampling Tips

Secaucus, NJ – Oct. 15-16, 2016

I am super-duper excited for Gluten & Allergen Free Expo coming to the greater NYC area soon! Have you been there? If not, let's do this together...

How To Sample Gluten-Free

1st: Ask smart questions & learn
2nd: If deemed GF safe then sample 
(See top 10 tips below)

Attention NJ, NY, CT and Philly gluten-free lifestylists, if you live in those surrounding areas, please join me at the Gluten & Allergen Free Expo arriving in Secaucus, NJ (near NYC) on October 15th and 16th. Or if you know someone in this nearby area interested in gluten-free and allergen free packaged foods send them my news post and get this discount below: 

Get 20% off 
w/ code "ADVANCE" 
(thru 10/14)

At previous shows I've enjoyed innovative cookies made from beans from NY's Pure Genius and yummy Super Seedz. I always indulge in Namaste Foods and I've found fantastic bread and pastries from Jennifer's Way Bakery,  internationally renowned Schar and Canyon Bakehouse from Colorado. In addition, I've become very fond of chickpea pasta from Banza and years go from NJ based Dr. Praeger's Purely Sensible Food offering GF veggie cakes hash browns, fish sticks, and veggie burgers, so good!

Why Doesn't Gluten Free = 

Proven, Tested & Safe For Celiac Disease?

At Gluten & Allergen Free Expo you will find nearly all gluten-free trusted brands. However, the only one I would highly recommend staying away from, Cheerios. It seems everyone has a different opinion on what is truly gluten-free safe and what isn't, unfortunately. 

Why We Do Not Trust GF Cheerios

GF Cheerios are not to be trusted by those with Celiac Disease or any gluten-free lifestylist due to General Mills sloppy allergen manufacturing protocols, poor testing procedures, and a terrible recall of 2 million GF boxes during their launch harming innocent Celiacs. Even Canada's Celiac Association recommends against "gluten-free Cheerios".  There are plenty of delicious, and safer gluten-free cereal options than any of General Mills (parent company of Cheerios) terribly unhealthy cereals anyway, lol. Don't be a fruit loop people. Ugh, Cheerios is just another terribly messy brand, pasing by, trying to profit in the gluten-free market without being transparent.

Share GF Fails On Social Media

Take Pix  & Start Conversations

Always inquire about why/how/what brands are doing to ensure gluten-free transparency. Trust is earned, never granted without permission. Do not jump to sample something without a conversation first. Truly think about people's responses to your questions. Therefore at this food expo many brands will tell you that of course they are gluten-free, but really are they? Honestly, at nearly every food show I've been to I've found at least one brand who wasn't educated on gluten-free safe for Celiac Disease and reported it to the food show leaders. 

Gluten-Free Event Sampling Tips:  

  1. Do not sample without having a conversation first. Events are busy places. 
  2. Start by asking why is gluten-free important to your brand mission? If there is no good answer, why would you bother supporting this company?
  3. Ask if brand is 3rd party verified. Whether yes or no, ask by whom do they test, how often and what level ppm testing is being done.
  4. If a brand doesn't test for gluten, even if it's made in a GF facility do not sample, ask for a testing protocol. 
  5. Ask if brand ever had a positive gluten test in facility.
  6. If they make products in a co-packer what steps are taken to ensure there are no gluten mistakes and allergen contamination?
  7. Look around! Ask if there is any risk of cross contamination with use of appliances such as toasters, griddles, cutting boards, knives or products like butter, jam and cream cheese.
  8. Look at the ingredients and ask if they use artificial ingredients or unpronounceable ingredients run away fast. 
  9. Ask if they are non-GMO project verified or if their product contain genetically modified food, if so, which ingredients and why do they use GMOs? Then laugh at them and run away :)
  10. Ask if brand members are familiar with Celiac Disease - the auto-immune disease responsible for the gluten-free lifestyle. If the staff is uneducated and knows nothing about the legit gluten-free lifestyle tell them you are disappointed, snap a pic and post it on social media.
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