Monday, October 26, 2015

Plant Head Real Meal Product Review

Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day. That's why I make sure to have a nutrient dense, high protein, low sugar balanced meal prepared to get me on my day! If you are tired in the morning and unmotivated by boring and processed cereal, repetitive carb heavy bagels or other quick blah food, it's time to make a good change today. Believe it or not it's only going to take about 10 minutes or less to make a shake.  Having a delicious, healthy, protein rich meal is critical to your brain performance, and energy going forward. That's why I choose to go with a shake and I construct it differently just about each time to keep it extra enjoyable, fresh and low cost. However, you can't just choose any protein shake or meal replacement option on the market as there are a lot of misleading low quality products out there or very expense as well.So re-evaluate the morning and think about why and how this critical breakfast meal can kickstart your day. 

Nature's Answer

I enjoy the Nature's Answer brand of products which includes Genceutic Naturals brand of protein real meals (vanilla and chocolate). Nature's Answer is based out of Long Island, New York and is family owned and operated. Nature's Answer focusses on the goodness of plant/botanicals of nature for over 40 years. They have finger print plant technology to identify super foods unlike other leaders in the category. I'm impressed with their non GMO ingredients, mission of health, purity and array of diverse products. Today let's try the Plant Head Real Meal Vanilla because having a filling, quick and healthy go to shake is very important to the average and exceptional human being. 

Nature's Answers does not add unnecessary crappy ingredients so they strive for having just what you need. Although they're not 100% organic it's close to super premium. As a non GMO quality brand, Nature's Answer is in the premium category and should be on your list of brands to read more about and add to your shopping list. 

Plant Head Real Meal Vanilla

No matter what season it is, shakes are a delightful option to replace a meal or be creative for breakfast. The Genceutic Naturals Plant Head Real Meal Vanilla is a very balanced plant based meal. As an absolute priority it is non-GMO, verified Gluten-Free, Soy-Free, Dairy-Free, Lactose-free, Free of top 8 allergens, no artificial flavors, and Vegan. 


Plant Head is made with plant based proteins such as pea protein isolate, brown rice protein, hemp protein, cranberry protein and cholera algae protein.  Plant Head Vanilla has approximately 30g of protein per serving!  Having a diversity of proteins (and other ingredients) is smart, tastier and shows balance. They also add tons of nutrient dense seeds, sprouts and greens from the absolute right stuff as the ingredients on the side and back of the package will showcase the chosen ingredients. 


Since this has 11g of sugar per serving consider using less powder if you're watching sugar in take (Use 1 scoop instead of two). I often add pure gluten-free hemp protein, spirulina or often peanut butter as well to change flavor. In this case, consider adding your own separate pure plant proteins as a fill in as you can make your own cocktail style of shake ingredients. Yet if you're active, working out and prefer a sweet taste, no worries. 



The basic recipe for Plant Head real meals are to add two scoops with water, milks or favorite beverage. You can always add more, less and be Very creative. That's what I like about making shakes, being unique and changing it up daily.

Typically, I steep two cups of green tea either the night before or prior to making the shake. Instead of using boring water, let's get more fresh antioxidants. I usually use a diverse blend of dairy free milks, but you can also use an organic or lactose free milk if you prefer it. I always add fresh chia seeds, flax seeds and fresh fruit as well. Again, to keep cost down and avoid stressing out when you make a shake, use what is in your fridge, but also have enough basics that you can use again and keep in the refrigerator.

Blend It / Shake It 

  • 1.5 - 2 scoops NA powder
  • cup of green tea
  • cup of milk (your voice)
  • handful of chopped fruit (your choice)
  • tea spoon of spiraling
  • splash of chia seeds
  • shake-shake of flax seeds
  • handful of ice

I also prefer to blend the ingredients over some ice (not too cold) especially if you're using frozen fruit. However, you don't have to blend, just be sure to shake, shake very well and it will still taste creamy and smooth.  Note, to reduce the sugar content from the powder, use less, that's all. Sometimes I add my own fresh pure protein as I have many options in my cabinet to be creative. Therefore, make it fresh and unique daily and always a little bit different so that you don't get bored of the same shake. 

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