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Gluten-Free Product Reviews on Instagram/Blogs 

Welcome to Real gluten free healthful living. Focussing on real foods and great packaged foods! Gluten Free consumers are actively seeking products that are tasty, healthy, environmentally friendly and fit into their lifestyle.  If your product is made of quality ingredients without artificial flavors, colors, GMOs, then I may be interested in trial.

Gluten Free Instagram/Product Reviews Include:

  • Honest And Thorough Product Analysis
  • Targeted Impressions To Celiacs And Gluten Intolerant
  • Gain Awareness To A Health Conscious Community
  • Increase Conversion ROI Directly From Links 
  • Get Social With # Hash Tag, Contests And Link Build
  • Lasting Relationship And Ongoing Support 
  • Influence Many Shopper In Their Journey

Ideas For Your Next Gluten-Free Product Review 

  • You have a new SKU or reformulation
  • You launched a new gluten-free product
  • You have a new packaging announcement
  • You have a contest or sweepstakes to promote
  • You have an idea or concept to share
  • You know of local restaurant or hotel locations
  • You published research studies and articles  
  • You have negative news articles to share
  • You have partnership or sponsorship ideas 

How To Submit A Gluten-Free Product Review

Provide products and your gluten-free claim such as ppm testing and/or details on your manufacturing practices to ensure that you're indeed a gluten-free product.


Opinions put forth here @GlutenFreeG blog, Instagram and/or related social website post including any articles, brands, products, product reviews, etc are of Craig's opinion.  Despite any former or current relationship with people, products, retailers, etc they are honest, fair and for the benefit of the health and wellness community, always.  Posts may be updated for accuracy and credibility if and when necessary at @GlutenFreeG (Craig Franzblau) complete discretion making for the greater good of the gluten free community. 

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