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  • All In One Package: Custom package includes everything below for a minimum of 180 days (six months). Includes ongoing product/service mentions and shares on accompanying social sites if we indeed share a common interest in each other's contributions to the world. It's fun for me to share what I believe in. Best value!
  • Product Review: An editorial review is based on shipping your product to me. In return I will share my open and honest opinion via text, images and possibly video content as well on GlutenFreeG.blogspot and accompanying social sites. 
  • Banner Advertisement: Left side vertical banner space is available for This space is designated for 90 days (3 months) of exposure or opt-in for longer.  Each space is 300 w x 300 h pixels. I also add exposure to my other social sites included in this pledge. 
  • Product Review: If you're seeking trial of your product for me to try it you can pledge here. I will use the money primarily for purchase of your product, try it, use it and share it if I like it on various social media of my choice. This term includes 90 days (3 months) of repeat mentions and updates that you can send me occasionally for notifying my followers.  Note: I cannot guarantee that I will share it if I don't love it. 
  • Cup Of Tea: If you appreciate the site, learn something and share then please please a few dollars for a cup of tea. Your funds are greatly appreciated to finance the hosting and time put into the site and it shows that people care about living gluten-free smarter and healthier. 


Opinions put forth here @GlutenFreeG blog and any related social website post including any article, brand, product, product review, etc shared are of my own. Despite any former or current relationship with people, products, retailers, etc they are honest, fair and for the benefit of the health and wellness community, always.  Posts may be updated for accuracy and credibility if and when necessary at @GlutenFreeG complete decision making for the greater good of the community. 

Further, some product review and posts are for trade of product samples and/or monetarily. Despite any exchange though, it's @GlutenFreeG's objective to share genuinely good products and discuss why others are not as good. No product is purchased outright as an opinion is always genuine, regardless of outcome. Honest feedback for real genuine gluten-free consumers and business professionals are encouraged throughout each social website by the community, too. We have a great community and we will keep it that way without being tainted. Let's have fun altogether to learn about the nutrient dense ingredients, health news, good and bad of what's going on in our world and beyond!

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