Sunday, February 24, 2013

Taste Your Bread With Rudis Gluten-Free Product Review

Rudis gluten-free bread review by @GlutenFreeG

For awhile gluten-free breads were cheap, fluffy, holed, and not tasty. Then came Rudi's who has done it better.  The good news is that Rudis gluten-free breads come in three improved tasty recipes and constantly innovating in a very competitive gluten-free bread category. There is so much innovation happening I'm hooked so far on this cinnamon raisin and excited for a nutrient dense multi-grain bread that can toast well. 

New Packaging: A slight pizazz on the packaging teases you that there has been a recipe change for softness and taste.  The color packs are recognizable, friendly and inviting for all ages, especially the young. Found in the frozen aisle and usually with some ice frizz for ultimate character, its found in many common health food stores as well as growing into the mainstream groceries.

Tasty Options: Gluten-free goodness from Original, Multi-grain and Cinnamon Raisin were definitely improved. With these options, they kept it simple and didn't stress the consumer with risk. If you're looking for a slice of standard bread and have very tasty ingredients then you're all set with Original. If you're seeking peace of mind of eating multiple gluten-free grains you step up with tastes with the Multigrain, without a too overpowering grain zippyness. Cinnamon raisin is also a delicious taste with soft cinnamon and touches of raisin as well. Standalone the Cinnamon Raisin can go with just a spread or for a sweet addition to your sandwich spread... this was my favorite.

I find it important that Celiacs and their family/friends enjoy meals together. Separating our meals is negative behavior and causes immediate contamination in a kitchen. Dive into your sandwiches altogether and don't be lame.  Since it's no longer good enough for a gluten-free product to just be edible, go for it. It's not 1997 anymore. I found that this bread can be shared amongst peers for all occasions; snacking with cheese and salami, deli, roasted chicken, grilled eggs and bacon, eggplant, steak, melting, butter, cream cheese or pbj varieties all made fresh (defrosted) or toasted slightly which is preferred!

Recommend to Celiacs: 4.5 out of 5
Recommend to Anyone: 4 our of 5

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