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Throughout my blog and social sites, @GlutenFreeG, I'll share my honest journey as aoutcastsick gluten-free teen to the present educated, gluten-free consumer that questions gluten-free offerings on a daily basis. In addition, I share insights into the natural products community, entire food industry and the importance of organic and non-GMO food for your health, family and friends benefit. I feel obligated to share how I live a healthy and active Celiac Disease lifestyle as a real gluten-free consumer.

From product reviews to research and petitionsI invite you to challenge your own decision making, learn more about ingredients and ask critical questions to yourself and others in our community. Please contribute and get involved in what you see, hear, what you enjoy and dislike and what's confusing for all gluten-free consumers to discuss the roots and best practices to promote the real gluten-free movement.



Craig was born a very chubby baby, breast fed naturally, but experienced periods of massive diarrhea as a baby that may have foreshadowed a dormant GI issue, Celiac Disease. During Craig's first 14 years on the planet, he lived mostly like every other kid until a lactose intolerance diagnosis. With the aid of Lactaid and other over the counter products he attempted to salvage the joys of milk, cheese, pizza, ice cream, etc but reduced dairy by 90% to health reasons. Craig ate everything else to overcompensate, and since he was very active playing and socializing he was considerably healthy and happy. He grew skinny and as he entered early teenager years, diarhea and massive GI discomfort hit its peak. His parents found him often on the floor in pain holding himself in the fetal position and realized how this type of pain couldn't have been "another stomach ache." Craig's life changed for the better the moment he was referred to Dr Dadhania (Gastroenterologist) in Somerset, NJ. Dr Dadhania told his family to hope for Celiac Disease as the alternatives would be much worse. Craig's Summer off from school consisted of countless doctor visits, procedures and the whole gamut, but Craig was diagnosed in 1997 as a Celiac through endscope, colonoscopy and ongoing blood test confirmations.


About one year after officially being diagnosed with Celiac Disease, Craig added almost 50 lbs through a very active lifestyle, sports training and the new ability to absorb food properly for essential vitamins and minerals from everyday eating. Craig gathered an education from anyone and everyone including internet, Dr Peter Green's research and attending Celiac symposiums in NYC. But most importantly, Craig had family support and everyone was interested in what happened and if they had a gluten issue themselves. It wasn't easy, but the support eased the depression and obstacles of being young and challenged in adolescent years. Eating mostly nacho chips and salad helped Craig through the early days. He mastered his control for saying, "No" because he constantly faced peer pressure in high school and college for eating and drinking socially to fit in. Craig never willingly cheated on his gluten-free diet, the pain was too severe, and since Celiac Disease is treated 100% by eating strictly gluten-free, the fight for more education, self-control and community are the everyday marathon's for his success. Craig suggest you join his "gluten-free movement" and get a holistic food education...  Inquire for Craig's full story. 

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