Meet Craig:

Craig is an adventurer! Living on the edge of love and peace with his family.  He was empowered by his Celiac Disease diagnoses (1997) with vigor and ambition to learn the food supply chain and to stay in control of his auto-immune disease. As a passionate gluten-free foodie, Craig often rolls up his sleeves, drinks his green tea or homemade kombucha seeking greater transparency from food and beverage brands and options for a legit, smarter gluten-free lifestyle without risk. He has +20 years of successfully living gluten-free safe despite everyday challenges since adolescence.  Craig's career is also in Brand Management and can relate to the rapid needs of the flexitarian gluten free shopper and their buying behaviors. 

Meet Lilia:

Lilia is a lover of fresh seasonal fruits, vegetables and cheeses having grown up on a family farm her whole life! From planting to harvesting in Spring to Fall along with winter canning and storing in the cellar there is no challenge too tough for this farm girl. With her current Finance career, she leaves behind the grape vines, cabbage fields, tomatoes and sooo many chickens, roosters, ducks, rabbits, cow milk and cheeses and other farm animals. Lilia lives in a 100% strict gluten-free household and only dabbles with other food outside the home occasionally as she doesn't have any gluten intolerance or Celiac Disease, but finds living on a highly reduced gluten-free lifestyle essential to health and wellness. She contributes GF recipes, skin care, a worldly palate, and lots of laughter to the everyday functions of GlutenFreeG's community of healthy and smarter gluten-free living. 

Notes of Joy: All content published on this blog and related social site are those shared by Craig Franzblau and Lilia Franzblau and nobody else. No employer, consultant or associate is held responsible for any statement, view or action. All content is honest, fair and ethical, always. Please share and contribute with us!


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