Celiac Disease is the reason we have a gluten free movement. Celiac Disease is the disease that has put a spotlight on how certain grains (containing gluten) can destroy everyday life for many people. Although some people are not diagnosed with Celiac Disease, other intolerances and inabilities to properly digest and absorb one family of grains (gluten) is prevalent. Therefore, stop eating gluten 100% to avoid illnesses, it's that easy. Without any Rx drugs you can treat and reverse your gluten related Celiac Disease illness, it's proven, I know for sure! Enjoy these fun infographics that gently humorize this serious disease and health risk to educate you in a variety of ways to recognize symptoms and be a smarter and more sustainable human being in the market place. Don't default to yesterday's eating and living habits. Choose health and happiness forward!

If avoiding gluten is important to your new lifestyle and health then you must avoid gluten 100% of the time. You can't choose to sometimes have gluten or not check labels. You also can't have contaminated gluten free foods, such as eating out because kitchens have high risk of gluten cross contamination. Go 100% gluten free or don't at all. 

Gluten can cause many noticeable and hidden symptoms. Spend time browsing this website and others that are trusted to memorize what is gluten and why. Gluten Free is a full time education and requires a lot of questioning others, and saying No, very often. Do not take risks anymore because your health is way too important! Just say no and avoid risks. Often bring your own fresh foods, apples, nuts, vegetables and/or yogurt and sandwiches along with water wherever you go and stay in control. Such as I wouldn't eat or drink gluten free food inside a bakery! Seriously, way too risky in that gluten filled place :)

My favorite part of being gluten free is the education of knowing where food comes from. The American food supply chain is scary, unfortunately. Most people have no idea, too. Many companies like Monsanto and other chemical companies have tainted the government and lobbied with rich cpg brands by encouraging manufacturers to use low quality, artificial and scary GMO Genetically Modified Foods and excessive pesticide use, way to much pesticides. Why would anyone eat a food made in a laboratory? Or did you know that some farms have helicopters dust crops with white storms of pesticides, yuck! There are alternatives my friends, such as many fresh, organic food that are real, delicious and gifted to us by mother nature. Focus on these real foods and beverages and choose organic. If it's not labeled organic, it's not, and it's probably going to contain GMOs. Keep learning and never settle. 

The non GMO project is a 3rd party that has been able to analyze products for consumers to verify if GMOs genetically modified organisms were involved in the final product  This is a very important and in-depth analysis to find out if the farm, or anywhere a supplier sourced ingredients anywhere in the world, can be verified. However, organic and non GMO are not the same. First, if a food says organic that symbolizes it's also non GMO. But if it's only stating non GMO then it's NOT necessarily organic, as some pesticides or chemical treatments at the farm may have been used to deter pests/insects, etc. non GMO is important yes, but it's not the only label to look for!

Some of your favorite brands may seem 'natural' but again sadly so, they might be deceiving you. Many natural brands have been bought by larger corporations who also support Monsanto and chemical companies who lobby for more pesticides and for GMOs to be used in America and beyond.  Yes politics in food is VERY apparent. It's huge time. Therefore if you're on a natural and gluten free mission, it's vital that you know which team these brands are on, and the truth may scare you. See below for a recent list of good and bad brands. When shopping remember which brands are for legitimate organic and all natural practices and which are fake, profit seeking, dangerously using GMOs, pesticides and avoid them. Share with your family and friends to live smarter and healthier. 

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