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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Vegetables Belong In Majority of Meals

Look at your meal and ask yourself if there is enough organic vegetables in them. Yes/No?  Add more.

This is a question you should have during every meal; breakfast, lunch and dinner. In my humble opinion, your meals should have at least 50-75% of vegetables in every serving. These vegetables should be both raw and/or cooked, and you should be focussing on primarily organic foods as too many vegetables are being made with GMOs. Never eat a GMO as there is too little research done on long term testing for humans common sense says a food genetically made in a laboratory with chemicals unnatural to resist pesticides is unfathomably irrational.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Plant A Garden And Grow Food Not Grass.

This is a very interesting discussion to have. People who suffer from an auto-immune disease like Celiac Disease, gluten-intolerance and a variety of other health concerns face challenges that require a lot of education and obstacles everyday.Yes. It's often unfair, tiring, expensive and the hurdles can bring us down, but we can't live this way forever.

Take Life By The Seeds
If you have property then your'e already growing grass, watering, feeding and looking at it already. If you don't have property you can find an inexpensive community garden plot and/or share it with neighbors and grow your own food. Gather some new or used tools and plant your future.

Those Earlier Men/Women 
I know it seems like ages ago, but most human beings used to grow their own food to survive. Yes. It's easy to go to the grocery store in 2013, but when you have a health condition, you have an opportunity to step it up and overcome.