Sunday, February 12, 2017

Wild Planet Chicken Breast & Tuna Review

Canned tuna is not all the same. Not even close.  That's why a seafood company must respect the sea and the wild life therein before they can provide you with the best quality and tasting product available. Introducing, Wild Planet Foods, founded in 2004 with a mission that includes sustainable seafood and USDA organic products ranging from tuna, salmon, yellow tail, anchovies, sardines, mackerel and chicken.
(Wild Planet Chicken Breast USDA organic)

I often buy Wild Planet's Tuna and USDA Organic Chicken Breast and was delighted by the beautiful scent and taste of this canned goodness. No joke. I've tried other canned chicken and tuns for years and they may be somewhat edible especially if you spread mayonnaise, or squirt fresh organic lemon on them. However, this canned chicken breast doesn't need mayonnaise or lemon or any other dressings because the taste is so fresh (not smelly) yet filling, meaty and fantastic and goes down smooth. 

It goes without saying that human survival is dependent upon the wellbeing of earth’s ecosystem and, therefore, we all have a moral obligation to preserve and protect our wild planet by putting its health before economic - See more at:
Wild Planet stands for balance between producing healthy food while at the same time maintaining a flourishing planet.

As Wild Planet Foods puts it accurately, human survival is dependent on the well being of earth's ecosystem. We have a moral obligation to preserve and protect our wild life by putting it's health against our economical gain. I've heard no big food companies attempt at putting that on their website or spoken aloud. Wild Planet is 100% focused sustainable caught seafood and brand that you should have regularly in your refrigerator. 

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