Monday, December 26, 2016

King Coconut Water from Sri Lanka Gold

Coconut waters are yummy, but each of them tell us that they're the best quality, right? We love coconut water for their delightful, fresh taste as an alternative to water containing high potassium (1.5x the banana) and full of electrolytes. Therefore, it's a wise choice as a natural hydrating beverage during an active lifestyle for you and kids. 

Have you even looked at the ingredient label of your kid's Gatorade and
the junky Powerade? Who cares that super athletes drink it, they're paid to say or do anything. Whether you drink coconut water for sports or for well being, here is my take on the new Sri Lanka Gold coconut water.

We've all seen and probably tasted coconut waters from the grocery store, either in the fridge section or in the aisle. Some coconut water are from baby raw Thai coconuts and are pink yet others are in a tetra pack for "better" shelf life. Well, coconut water has become even more intriguing with the introduction from Sri Lanka's Gold Coconut Water. Yes, a Gold Coconut. Tastes less sweet with smooth and rich taste. 

Did you notice coconut water has been trying to innovate? There is a lot of competition for your dollar. Ranging from plain ol' water in a recyclable box (instead of bottle), water from unique distant mountains, maple water and other nut milks on the rise. So move over sugary and poor tasting chocolate coconut water, pineapple coconut or chai coconut waters Simply re-consider a change of coconut variety from a different pure land, Sri Lanka :)

No added sweeteners, No artificial flavors, never heated.

King Coconuts (The Orange (Gold) Coconut)

The Sri Lanka Gold King Coconut is now available in the USA! Gold coconuts originate from small Sri Lankan farmers and thrive from their land's fertile soil.  With Sri Lanka's tropical climate, those harsh monsoon rains all contribute to their unique growing prowess.

Most coconut waters are very sweet, with a strong after taste. Sri Lanka Gold touts hydrating electrolytes, Vitamin C, potassium, magnesium, phosphorous, sourcing Fair Trade principles, obtaining the certifications for USDA Organic, nonGMOP verified, Vegan certified and Gluten-Free. Sri Lanka Gold gives back a percentage of their profits to improve farmer's livelihoods.

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