Thursday, December 31, 2015

Bam Bam Broth Gluten Free Product Review

Paleo Penicillin Arrives

Health, strength and deliciousness. The back "bone" of our ancestor Paleo lifestyle is very valid today. 

Boiling bones is the most normal and primal food choice. Or it was at least. So how many of us today are boiling bones? Hmm. mmm. Not enough I'll admit myself!

Way back when, even before your great great grandparents, humans were often legit hunter and gatherers (compared to most of our USA western lifestyles). There wasn't a corner butcher shop, grocery and processed foods. There definitely wasn't a Whole Foods, Sprouts or Wegmans, ugh! To survive you literally foraged and chose to be a hunter and gatherer and your family utilized ever aspect of that "kill" or findings and savored it for survival. And I'm not talking about taking a shotgun into the woods which is modern technology. 


Bam Bam Broth

The folks at Bam Broth are bringing back those primal lifestyle attributes in all of us, but you don't have to hunt in 2016 to find your food. And you can't since it's not legal to hunt wherever and whenever.  And it's hard to gather since property is owned nearly everywhere, another ugh! It's only hunting season certain times of the year and only for certain types of wild life, although that's a different topic to discuss later because humans have impacted nature in various negative ways. 

Bam Broth provides you with ready to heat up boiled bones with collagen fat delivered to your door step. And they're available at certain select natural retailers as they grow their local NJ business. 

It's delicious as it is nutritious, as if a paleo penicillin! You can also add whatever you like, such as other proteins or vegetables. I added peas, mushrooms and celery. 

Gluten Free Claim

Bam Bam Broth currently independently tests their product for a risk of gluten cross contamination and sent it to me. It's a batch test as they make small productions at the moment. I was glad there was no gluten risk here. 

Where To Buy

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