Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Nature's Answer Sambucus Product Review

Sambucus Eldeberberry

It's true, super berries are used to make medicine, oh my gosh who would've thought! The black elderberry, Sambucus, is a superb genus of flowering plants that everyone must have in their cabinet. Of course it's also a gluten free berry and remains gluten free as it's pure and not tainted with gluten in the manufacturing process. 

Our world is full of absolutely treasures and if you haven't yet had Sambucus in your medicine chest it's time for today to be that day. There is no need to rush to buy Rx drugs when there are outstanding natural botanical options from the superb outdoors here for us. Nature continues to provided us with food, water, oxygen, healing and so many more opportunities that we often take for granted!  Learn more about Nature's Answer Sambucus, made from elderberries to boost your immunity and alleviate, soothe and treat some of your health needs this Fall and Winter. 

What Is Sambucus Good For?

Sambucus black elbderberry is used to support and increase the immune system, alleviate sinus pain, leg and back pain such as sciatica. Therefore, sambucus is known to affect the immune system in a variety of ways. And if you're seeking to fight a virus like the flu or reduce inflammation then you should consider trying sambucus. 

As for me, I have recently had some painful sciatica and it has been rough! It's a horrid pain so this can alleviate it if taken regularly and I'm committed to it :) 

I am also concerned about the change of weather and immune health especially is important to me as germs are rampant heading into the Fall and Winter seasons. Sambucus can also be taken regularly during other warm Spring and Summer seasons as well it's up to you and your lifestyle commitment to health and wellness. 

Nature's Answer Sambucus Is Gluten Free

Yes! Nature's Answer sent me their testing protocols and they are gluten-free!

How Much Sambucus Is Enough?

Thus far I have a tablespoon for breakfast when I wake up AND a tablespoon for Dessert at night :) I have added another spoonful mid day if I remember but I often forget. Therefore, the timing is absolutely essential to pick up your Sambucus and drink it regularly for optimal health daily over these peak seasons.  

What Does Sambucus Taste Like?

I enjoy it!  It has a very strong tart super berry taste to it. However, there is NOT a medicinal taste like an Imodium or some other over the counter artificially berry flavor medicine. Because it's extracted it's not going to be super sweet like other "medicines". However, it has a kick after taste but one that makes you feel like you just tasted something special!

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