Monday, November 9, 2015

Backyard farming vegetables and grazing animals

Look out your window, do you have property that is just wasted space for grass? Or do you have land for being more sustainable to have a small or even larger farming area?

As committed gluten free consumers in this world, we must stay in control without risks. Growing your own food is the primary way to regain the lost control and salvage your hard earned money from buying packaged food each week or even multiple times when you have to read labels and trust other brands for gluten risks. Having a small garden or a small farming space would be ideal for healthy living plan in 2016!

Every time I go to the the grocery store I am amazed by my actions and those of my peer shoppers up and down the aisles. My shopping list isn't too complicated as I typically stick to the edges of the grocery store (refrigerated, fresh foods). What I've noticed though, is that I buy food that some people grow in their backyards as a way of life, but not typically here in America. Often farming seems primitive or for simple people, but that's untrue. Farming is very respectable and is quite difficult work that has huge payoffs, food! Food such as eggs, kale, onions, yogurt and beef that I just bought, could possibly be food I can grow on my own (small or mid size farm) if I made it a priority and the government allowed me, hmm. 

Instead of grass grow tomatoes, peppers, cabbage, onions, apple trees, plum trees, grape vines, etc. 

You and I often buy the basics; vegetables, fruits, beverages, meats, fish, almonds, nuts, cheeses, milks (dairy and non dairy), etc. Yet, as I analyze these basic foods a few common questions arise regarding my life choices.  I am spending my hard earned money at the store where perhaps I can grow some of my own food instead, but do I have time and am I allowed to do this on my property (home or a rental)? Committing to daily farming (morning, afternoon and night) daily, can save my family money, provide a stress free atmosphere, and empower me to be more in control of my own existence by growing my own food and perhaps even raising my own animals (chickens, roosters, ducks, eggs from chicken and ducks, cows, rabbits, etc). 

Growing your own food, nearly year round (pending where you live) is pretty much what our ancestors did, so why don't we as Americans do it more instead of growing grass? Ask yourself, where can I grow more fruits and vegetables, do I have space to raise animals, does my county allow it, can my neighbors chip in and together we make change? I'll answer this for you, Yes!

Can I Alter My Life & Grow My Own Food?

How did I spend $30 in 10 minutes at the grocery store? 
  • What can grow in the climate and soil at my own home or rental property?
  • Do I need a permit or am I zoned for undertaking the responsibility of grazing animals?
  • Do I need help from a neighbor, or loved one to split the responsibilities?
  • Do I need a fence, running water, food to support these undertakings naturally without pesticides and dangerous chemicals?
  • Do I have enough gardening tools?  
  • Should I spend more time everyday focussing on growing my own food vs working as much? 
  • Should I build a greenhouse for year round growth?
  • Can I build a shelter for animals and keep away predators?
  • Should I grow indoor hydroponics to avoid soil and cold weather corners?
  • etc. 

What you can't grow in your backyard you buy. There are delicious naturally non GMO and organic food, beverages and hygiene/skin care products that you buy when you need to, of course. But reconsider how you lay out your own land and how you can save money, contribute to society and challenge yourself and your community (neighbors, family and friends) to participate in change ahead. 

So heading into the end of this year, think about changes ahead for you and your family.  Contact your local county administrators to find out if you are zoned for growing your own food and having animals. 

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