Tuesday, December 10, 2013

National Restaurant News Trending Gluten-Free 2014 Popularity

Gluten-Free is trending? No way! I suppose that's an improvement from the latter. Most of us know that gluten-free isn't a trend and that avoiding gluten, especially wheat, enables our body and mind to literally be healthier and be in tune without atrophy and irregular auto-immune responses. If gluten-free is truly being messaged more to the masses, it's time to really learn what gluten is and what it's doing to most of our bodies? (see below)

For mass market America who is always late to the party, we should accept this as another move into the right direction as National Restaurant Association's 2014 trend shares with mass America. 

Note: Always hold restaurants who claim gluten-free options accountable to provide (A) All gluten-free food ingredients from manufacturer sources (B) no gluten contamination from the kitchen where gluten is often in the air, on cutting boards, utensils, pots, pans, chef aprons and from other wait staff during the wild occurrences in most restaurants kitchens and dining rooms.

Dr. Osborne helps to inform human beings of the harmful effects of gluten, not just wheat. Why? The more the mass public educates themselves or is shown through various mass editorial that gluten-free is important, they'll eventually understand why.  See some of Dr Osborne lectures and associates explain the real concerns of gluten in your diet.
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