Saturday, December 7, 2013

Chebe Gluten-Free Breads Gluten-Free Product Review

Chebe Garlic Onion Bread Organic Farmer Cheese & Moldavian Honey 
I love gluten-free Chebe products because their base manioc flour recipes start off terrific and are very easy to add your own creative ingredients. Chebe has nearly a dozen products and in less than 30 minutes (with prep) you're ready to dive into a great snack before a sports game, appetizer for a dinner party or on the side of a grande meal.  Here are a few, but not all of the most common recipes I enjoy:


With Brazilian influence from Dick Reed's (Founder) wife Ju, a native Brasilian, they brought this common tapioco flour bread and created a delicious bread product that gluten-free consumers have gone bonkers for. Go here to learn more about them. The story of tapioco flour has roots from the Portuguese colonization of Brasil. Manio (root plan known as yucca). The root was peeled, soaked, grated, dried and used in traditional dishes. However the residual powder (considered worthless) was utilized by poor, hungry slaves of the area and used to create amazing bread balls. At the time it was used for starch until modern times added cheese and other spices. 


All Chebe bread products including powders and frozen goods are all certified gluten-free via Celiac Spru Association (gluten ppm testing < 5ppm) and made in a dedicated gluten-free facility the way all products should be segregated. 


You can buy frozen or dry flour mixes via phone or online (Save $2) or find a local store in your area here. They sell 8 packs and mixed 8 packs online. Go for it right now.

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