Friday, February 19, 2010

Launch Of The Gold Star Awards ...

I'll give you one secret about Denver, since there are too many in reality to share with you today ... There are endless gluten free options. I've spoken with hostesses, waiters and even bus boys @ restaurants, bartenders, grocery staff, acquaintances and straight up strangers from the hood here in Denver and everyone has heard of Celiac Disease and knows more or less what the restrictions are about... Of course some people do not know the full extent, but those in the restaurant business certainly do and again we're not talking about only chefs. In my experience the front end is VERY familiar with it and will triple check all orders with the kitchen to ensure me as a patron I was pleased. As the face of a place, these employees deserve kudos... Here is the beginning of Gluten Free G's new gold star program... Congratulations Denver for earning the first Gold Star Award!!!

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