Thursday, February 18, 2010

Does Gluten Sensitivity Mean Sensitive Skin?

The Gluten Free Fox has a brief article about the sensitivities to our skin and how they could certainly be affected by our allergies to gluten or other ingredients:

"Here are some of the more common natural ingredients that can irritate sensitive skin:

lavender: Even though it is typically thought of of soothing or calming, many people do experience allergic reactions.
bismuth oxychloride: This mineral makeup additive creates a healthy-looking shimmer effect, but may contain irritating heavy metals.
chamomile: Though less common, this calming flower can also product topical allergies.
carmine: Sometimes thought of as "the only true red found in nature," this bright red pigment is made by grinding up beetle parts and causes skin irritation to many.
tea tree oil: Especially if undiluted, this acne-fighting oil can cause skin irritation."

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