Thursday, March 4, 2010

Bad Bakery, Bad

Don't you just love that warm, sweet sensation from breathing in freshly baked bread and pastries at the nearby bakery/cafe? It makes you smile doesn't it? Perhaps you even do a little dance? Great.... well not so great for Celiacs. That's actually a poorly thought out concept. Spending extended amounts of time in a bakery surfin' your laptop breathing in the particles of goodness, could for some very sensitive Celiacs get you ill. And if there is enough freshly baked items in there, there could be flour dust contamination to the coffee, tea, fruit, smoothies or cups, etc. Daang.... The grass is always greener on the next block or two so go hang out at a coffee shop that won't kill ya. I'm sure the coffee there will be just as good.

1 comment:

  1. Hey Craig! Love your blog. I get it.
    You are right about the whole coffee shop sans bakery thing. It is amazing how important it is to evaluate the environments were we spend our time, or consume beverages from.