Monday, February 1, 2010

Classic Bad Serving

Now this is just classic bad serving... Yesterday I went out to dinner with some cousins to a new seafood restaurant and they had a GF menu. The restaurant was not too busy at all so I was feeling good about what was about to happen. I ordered the salmon salad which was probably the easiest item to make on the menu without screwing it up GF. It was similar to the regular order but without noodles and capers. Waitress was confident to bring it with ease for me. I trusted her. It comes out salmon blackened, with noodles and capers. They completely screwed it up and the chef didn't make the GF version. Wow! Wow! The waitress didn't check and it came to my table as POISION on a plate, basically, hahaha. Luckily, I did the usual fork lift and shuffle and inspected the food before putting it in my mouth, but damn, classic mess up and a near gigantic accident. If you are not sure if this is the right meal on your own, definitely wait, be patient, and have the server inspect it for you to be sure they see it because they should know the menu best! But seriously you can't trust anyone when you go out to eat but yourself. You have to question people (kindly) and even sometimes your own parent, friend or family member because they don't necessarily know what is best. Because the only person that gets screwed when you don't is you! It's you who gets sick and when that is my case, I won't let that happen if I can hep it. Sigh. Another upsetting Gluten Free meal out to eat.

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