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Monday, May 6, 2013

Best Cracker Is Crunchmasters Gluten-Free Product Review

CrunchMasters are indeed a fantastic crunchy cracker that you may not have experienced until today. I sampled a variety of their certified gluten-free multi-grain crackersmulti-seed crackers and kids crisps, but they also have a 7 ancient grain crackers, rice crackers and large club packs as well. They are made in the USA for gluten-free consumers especially the true Celiac who is seeking a better tasting, quality and variety during their snacking needs. 

For me, a snacking beast, the Crunchmaster crackers come in handy during social events at home or should be brought to other home parties. They're specifically served best during exciting basketball, soccer and football home parties when the snacky cravings for hummus, cheese, sour cream and guacamole are always in one hand and a cocktail is in the other.

Product: Cruchmaster is the crunchies cracker on the GF market! How they precisely did this I don't quite know, but to be a certified gluten free product with this monster crunch is rare and awesome. Other gluten-free crackers snap or crunch in some form, but lack the natural flavors and mouth feel that these do, hence the name Crunchmasters.