Sunday, February 14, 2016

Valentine's Day With Celiac Disease Is Rough

One, two or three bars of chocolate, that is an important question of many for today's purchases on Valentine's Day. 

Then I would get a pit in my stomach and think about where would I search for safe gluten-free chocolate, knowing it's not commonly available at most stores. 

The next question would be is this chocolate littered with gluten cross contamination, as I check both the ingredients and the allergen warning section. Yup!

The following question is what else is in this chocolate, like soy lecithin (GMO likely) and other random ingredients stuffed in such as glucose syrups, and other emulsifiers. Oye!

Last, but not least the question remains how many grocery stores do I need to go to find a safe product for me and that special someone. This kind of time waste is what makes gluten free living so frustrating!

My suggestion here on this glorious Hallmark holiday, Valentine's Day, is to shop where you trust, always. From one wise shopper to the next, know your local retailers, natural grocers, but don't waste time nickel and dimeing the gluten-free lifestyle, too much, especially on a special occasion. The ongoing, daily challenges of traveling to a traditional grocery store and seeing nothing but low priced, cheap ingredient chocolate/candy that may or not be gluten-free is yesterday's gluten free struggle. 

Today's gluten-free shopper must think and demand the same standards. Whether you are diagnosed with Celiac Disease or recognize the reality of non regulated gluten free labeling, we all should believe in properly labeled gluten free food/beverages without risks. Therefore, shop gluten free where the widest selection is possible such as Whole Foods Market or similar retailer or demand more from the store manager. If you can't find anything don't settle for getting sick, just plan ahead next time. And it's vital to focus on both high quality ingredients as well as pricing on sale be sure to shop ahead and/or even order online from Strictly Gluten Free and/or Gluten Free Mall for trusted gluten free sweets.  Otherwise you put your health at risk and the gluten free lifestyle movement, too. #oneGFstandard

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