Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Send Me Gluten Free Package September 2015

Send Me Gluten Free

It's such a good idea and also a work in progress. Send Me Gluten Free has created what we all need, delivered gluten free products to the home. Being able to receive a variety of gluten free trending products from baking, cooking, snacking, energy, and desserts are important and useful as well as educational. We as gluten free shoppers don't always have time and ability to source these products, but we always must be educated and research products before consuming anything! That's why Send Me Gluten Free is a smart idea and off to something very special.  I just received this product including a few very intriguing brands.

Delicious gluten free products 
served to the home!

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Gluten Free Ingredients Matter

There were some other products included that I cannot support. I do not support artificial ingredients and gluten free products should never have artificial anything!  Since "common" gluten free products tend to miss various nutrients, adding in any artificial color or flavor is very low quality and we all need to look out for this. When you see artificial ingredients in any food you should completely re-think why it's there and the loyalty you may have to a brand who is giving you fake food. 

Why would anyone knowingly
 eat artificial-fake food?

As gluten free shoppers we must read all ingredients on all packages and make your own lifestyle choices. Do not get too excited prematurely. I'll admit, I'm not perfect, but I do my best to read every ingredient or I won't eat it. Not every package can be trusted and not every brand is transparent. I encourage you as always in our Celiac Disease safe gluten free community to stay away from artificial stuff, GMOs (genetically modified organisms) and products that are not nutrient dense. Eat only what you're going to use :)

With web and phone research we can find healthy snacks, similar to most of these shared in the Send Me Gluten Free box. However since we all have different health standards, different schedules and sometimes lack the money or ability to cook ourselves, it's entirely up to you to be content with what's put in your body. Put down the artificial products and if it's not telling you non GMO then ask the company and/or put it down. It's always important to say, "NO" when you're gluten free. Every gluten free lifestyle should be the same, regardless of your health concern. If you're going to say, you're eating "gluten-free" then this signifies that you're aware of gluten free ingredients and understand cross contamination risks. Otherwise you're on a "reduced gluten diet" but not a gluten free lifestyle. That's important to understand and be sure you're using the right phrases for those involved in your life. 

How It Works

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