Thursday, June 18, 2015

Banza Gluten Free Chickpea Pasta Is Stellar

Cooks in less than 5 minutes
Life isn't too shabby going gluten free today in 2015. Those on a healthy and strict gluten free lifestyle have a plethora of pasta options. However, the more common corn and rice pastas are lacking in nutrients. Meanwhile vegetable, quinoa and bean pastas start to show more promise.  Generally gluten free replacement pastas can be made from simple ingredients with higher carbs, sugars, low fibers and proteins sustaining the issues of malnutrition. This is why I rarely eat pasta.  
However, my new favorite alternative pasta should be your new normal pasta. Introducing chickpea pasta from Banza. Those with Celiac Disease and beyond can now enjoy Banza gluten free pasta because bean based pastas are loaded with protein, fiber and have lower carbs to name a few. They boil perfectly, keeping shape, texture and most importantly taste. Traditional pasta is very lacking and the gluten free alternatives are typically tasteless or lacking nutrition, well, the times they keep on changing.

Pasta is one of the most common foods eaten in the American society. It is a comfort and filling food in warm dishes or even cold. It's also one of the most sought after gluten free replacement meals when you ask most people diagnosed with Celiac Disease. Pasta and bread I'd admit with regret though are foods that we crave, ahh! 


I eat pasta monthly maybe more often pending my social calendar. Pasta typically just isn't healthy for us on a dull day. As a kid I learned how to eat my carbs and proteins more often during 2-3 days prior to my activity sporting calendars. I was active in futbol (soccer), basketball and baseball games. I would load up on pastas ahead of time to keep myself. While that worked for me as a kid as I got older and diagnosed Celiac Disease as young teenager I ate mostly salads, rice and meat, a whole ton of it. Pasta was pretty rare since there weren't much healthy or tasty corn or rice options.  

I met Brian Rudolph, co-founder of Banza Pasta, and he is also on a gluten free lifestyle journey. He  was able to start Banza pasta in his kitchen before starting to take this out much larger to grow retail distribution forming a business. His team of gluten and non gluten-free peeps have tasted Banza with nearly every type of pasta recipe and it meets high standards. Chickpea pasta from Banza is legit! 

I've introduced Banza to family and friends and it was 100% approved. Gluten free or not Banza pasta was receiving accolades from mom, dad and beyond. I've bought multiple boxes already and glad to have a new pasta option that is healthier overall, higher in protein, and I could feel good about eating pasta again more often. Macaroni salad here I come hmm!


There is no need to over eat proteins, but when you're active and focussed on eating healthy foods with balanced nutrients such as protein, you're eating smarter. Only eat what you're going to use though, be active!


Carbs are necessary, but typically a waste in the diet from unnecessary foods that have excess starches in them. If you eat pasta daily or weekly and don't utilize the energy to burn off during regular exercise it will turn to fat. Enjoy your carbs, but eat smarter from balanced foods such as beans, quinoa and vegetables. Don't over eat on the corns, rices or root vegetables, especially from chips like excessive potato eating.


C'mon now, fiber is GOOD for you so don't be scared of it. Yes it helps you poop more, but hey that's the point of life. In and out. Family, health, activity, socializing. Repeat. In order to do all of this you must eat and excrete. More smart fibers in your diet the better so if you're laughing right now get more serious. Thanks Banza!



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