Sunday, May 10, 2015

Gluten & Allergen Free Marketplace

Shop at Strictly Gluten FreeFinally, a trusted gluten free marketplace!

I've been searching high and low for a place to easily find gluten-free trusted and credible products. Sure, there are websites out there that sell gluten free products, but many of them lack transparency behind the gluten free claims, lack detailed information about the products, also these sites may even sell gluten containing products or are just confusing to navigate and that's frustrating to actually buy effectively. If I can't find a product online, understand the price and shipping information then I leave. Or I'll simply drive to Whole Foods, Sprouts, or local healthy natural market where I can speak to educated staff to find, learn and buy. The problem is that driving is a waste of time to go wait in lines and search forever in a store that carries limited gluten-free products when a lot of the good gluten-free products are available online at Strictly Gluten Free

Recently, I joined forces to play a role in helping co-founder Steve & Angela Distefano to help improve the Strictly Gluten Free marketplace. They've overcome many of the barriers to online shopping for the most trusted and new gluten-free manufacturers, for you! Strictly Gluten Free strives to provide transparency, education and research on various lifestyle choices that effect our health and products that are not only main stream popular but emerging out of the small towns by entrepreneurs who care about healthy, happy and nutritious living. This is the type of market place those with Celiac Disease, gluten intolerance, auto-immune diseases, and others who truly see the benefits of a gluten-free lifestyle and beyond have been looking for. 


 Strictly Gluten Free
Everything in the Strictly Gluten Free market is gluten-free. That's the #1 priority. But Steve & Angela also have associated dozens of other important healthy lifestyles such as dairy free, organic, non GMO, allergen free and many more so that you can not only find more products easier, but there is a learning center. You can understand what Paleo, Raw, etc are all about including the health benefits and risks as a resource to learn, yes learn. We all need to keep learning and that's what so much fun here. If you have  question you can even AskTheDr inside the lifestyle page at the bottom.  This means you're not only shopping gluten free but for other lifestyles as well all at the same time, its' awesome! They continue to add more products to make it easy for all of us to shop smarter and healthier. 


 Strictly Gluten FreeFrozen is a growing opportunity for those with health related shopping needs. Going to the super market and buying frozen foods (breads, pastas, desserts, etc) are part of the experience, but if you want to do it at home there is a premium. The convenience to shopping from your phone wherever you are or when you are in your pjs at home grocery shopping includes some fees that are inevitable. Shop by frozen in two places, from the top navigation where you can choose a variety of common categories or on the left side by product category. In the Product category you can easily see what to chose frozen sub-categories.  Just look out for the promo codes or sale items but feel good knowing that you're shopping conveniently, saving time, energy and gas costs, too. Keep that in mind. 


Another growing incentive to shop at home or on the go, such as in your car or traveling ahead of time to be sure products arrive in a few days or so. Buying in bulk is one of the most important ways to shop in today's market with Costco, BJs, and many other box box retailers.  The challenge here is the shipping will be pricier because you're shipping a lot of big/heavy goods. On the contrary you don't have to leave your home, waste gas money and time. Instead, you can go hike, bike, to the park and use your time wiser with your family, friends or however you keep busy. Last time I went to a box box retailer, I bought a few products I didn't need, spent more money than I wanted and it took a few hours, just saying! 


Strictly Gluten Free
At the click of a button you can find your favorite brand to shop for what's new and in stock or explore a new brand. Strictly Gluten Free has not just the popular and credible gluten-free manufacturers but those who are emerging with so many delicious products that you may never of heard of before.  There is a choice on the left to search by alphabetical letter A, B, C though Z or look at their recognizable logo and click to advance. It's pretty easy an convenient to find what you're looking for and shop.  

If you can't find a product you can also request it, it's just that easy and fun. Voice your opinion, by sharing, rating and reviewing products as well. Help others find out what's tasty and what's not. 


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