Sunday, May 4, 2014

Eat Your Way To Health Not Rx Drugs

Nature treats and even cures illness. Rx pills often lead to more pills. How incredibly lucky we are to choose our path. 

Everyday, people go shopping for their favorite foods. One shopper's preference may be fruits, veggies, pastas and chocolate, but another may not buy any fruits and instead buy mostly packaged and processed goods such as canned soups, pastas, breads and deli meat. This could be for preference, budget or a variety of other lifestyle and cultural reasons...

Have you challenged yourself to buy more fresh foods that you've never tried before and put down the unhealthy comfort food?

What I've learned in my lifetime is that we truly are what we eat. What you buy and how you shop isn't as simple as buying, "all natural" because this phrase is not regulated by anyone. There is no policing for writing "all natural" at this moment in time as GMO products which are not labeled could be labeled as "all natural" yet their made in a laboratory by scientists. Isn't this getting confusing?

Has your doctor ever said they wouldn't prescribe you Rx pills? Demanding you change your diet/lifestyle drastically and you wouldn't need Rx?  If so, they may get sued or lose an Rx sponsor!

You are what you eat, it's just that simple. Understand that if you eat junk food then you're body is fueled on those low quality, artificial or maybe processed ingredients. If you eat organic vegetables and hormone free meat, well ya know you get the point :)

Happy, smarter shopping! 100% contamination free gluten-free living is my recommendation :)

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