Sunday, January 12, 2014

FDA Gluten-Free Regulation - Welcome To The Real World

It's time to get a tad more excited for the FDA gluten-free regulation in August 2014, but not pat FDA on the back, oh no. Although it's not crystal clear and the policing of restaurants and brands is as grey as a 21 shot at your 21st bday party, we must get happier than the alternative, nothing.

For 17 years and growing, I've been a diagnosed Celiac and there has been no FDA support, awareness and/or care in the world. But there have been a few hard fought individuals who care to grow and regulate the gluten-free bandwagon despite the FDA corruption that lies within for issues related to Monsanto GMOs, all0-natural and other mainstream concerns that effect corporate profits.

As a Celiac there has been absolute mayhem in the world with anyone and everything referring to gluten-free with no real definition. Typically people say oh yea gluten-free is healthy living without wheat or a few more ingredients, but they don't know all of the details therein. In reality there is so much more than just removal of wheat in food, beverages or a restaurant to be gluten-free, but nobody either cared or did anything about it such as the FDA, until now. I'm going to stay optimistic and support it so let's get out there and cheer!

What Does Gluten-Free Actually Mean?

  • Gluten-Free requires zero gluten ingredients from raw materials (farm to kitchen)
  • Gluten-Free requires no cross contamination from manufacturing to consumer plate (clean and separated pots, pans, silverware, cutting boards, utensils, chef aprons and human touch
  • Gluten-Free requires third party or independent transparent regular batch gluten ppm testing <10 ppm or preferably <5ppm. FDA requires <20 ppm but improved analysis exists and Celiac's demand testing as low as possible such as <5ppm.

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