Sunday, January 19, 2014

Antibacterial Soap Reported By FDA As "Dangerous"

Okay here I go, STOP using antibacterial soaps, seriously. Go with all-natural soaps that are just as good if not better for you, your family, and the environment as the ingredient, triclosan (sounds lovely doesn't it) in these products are finally publically reportedly very bad.

Thanks to the FDA (who approves anything if you pay them) announcement to the mainstream, we're now at risk if we use anti-bacterial soaps. Almost every corporation and home in the USA, perhaps in the world, maybe at some point, used a product with triclosan, the chemical found in all anti-bacterial soaps. It's a claim that says very clearly that you're cleaning yourself to remove possible bacteria from your face, body, hands, etc which in theory is good, but actually with deeper analysis is not good at all.  What confuses me the most is this claim has been in the market for a VERY long time without research and studies in the mainstream to educate, typical actually, since the FDA is very late to the party very often. Is it their fault or someone else's about this late breaking finding?

Here is an overview of the top 5 claims reported by Smithsonian. In fact, many huge corporations such as Johnson & Johnson, Kaiser Permanente and more more have already stopped manufacturing of this antibacterial ingredient, triclosan, article reports.

  1. Antibacterial soap are no more effective than traditional soap and water
  2. Antibacterial soap has a potential to create resistant bacterias
  3. The saps could act as an endocrine disruptor 
  4. The soap might lead to more health issues
  5. Antibacterial soaps are also bad for the world

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