Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Dunkin Donuts Rumor

Dunkin Donuts is a humungo cowabungo company found all over the USA and internationally. Not only are their doughnuts ridiculously delicious, but their coffee has radical loyalists. However, the elephant in the room is that every product they offer either contains massive amounts of flour and would be highly contaminated on site in their kitchen, chef aprons and in the air all over the place.

"Please Bake It In A Gluten-Free Facility & Seal It To Reduce Contamination"

I admit, it sure does smell "special" inside of a Dunkin' Donuts, but can they really make a safe, non contaminated gluten-free product despite the facility? My early memories of walking in this place about  20 years ago were all favorable :) So the optimist in me says they'll bake it off site and share all of the location, ingredient and testing information (hopefully gluten-free under < 5 ppm) and then ship it in a sealed environment and put in the fridge or on the side away from their featured products which are all made from gluten ingredients. Both gluten-free dieters and Celiacs must demand this!

Questions On Dunkin' Donut's Gluten-Free Offering & Will They Share:

  • What flours will they use?
  • Where are they going to prep and make this product? 
  • Will it be sealed or be exposed?
  • How many more options will the offer?
  • Will you trust walking in the actual door and buying it knowing the contamination?
  • How will the cinnamon doughnut and blueberry muffin taste compared to others?

Will It Be A Success Or fail? Let us know what you think...

Source: LA Times article 

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