Sunday, June 23, 2013

Do Gluten-Free Disclaimers Hurt Or Help?

Speak To Your Local Cafe & Restaurant About GF

It's all about trust. Once it's gone, it's hard to get back. There are many great cafes that try to offer the growing gluten-free consumer food options. That's great! We all appreciate it, but it's time to stop offering contaminated gluten-free food as this is not acceptable and damaging the consumer and your reputation.

Risky Eating: Gluten-Free Ingredients Prepared In The Same Kitchen Without Allergen Clean-Up Will Likely Result In Sick Gluten-Free Customers 

Gluten-Free Food Marketing 
When you tease consumers that you have gluten-free options from terrific and responsible gluten-free source ingredients don't stop there. Many great brands like this one at this great cafe are hurting their own reputation, while using a disclaimer that there is gluten in the kitchen to try and avoid legal catastrophes. What they don't realize is that disclaimers aren't helping, they hurt more and cause more analysis exposing them that they tried, but not hard enough to deliver a real gluten-free experience...

Gluten-Free Consumers Are Different
Gluten-Free consumers range in how strict they make food choices... Celiacs would never eat at this cafe resulting in minor to major symptoms. However, a gluten-free intolerant individual may take the risk. Why? Some gluten intolerant consumers believe they can handle some gluten consumption without risk. However, many gluten auto-immune symptoms are not visible.The truth here is still to be found out. So for now, you must really understand your body. If you find yourself having health issues on a partial gluten-free diet, re-think the choices you' make forward to feel better.

Promote The 100% Gluten-Free Movement
Despite the risk you are willing to take, be sure that your friends, family and local establishments know your demand for a purely gluten-free product. Please help promote the gluten-free movement by taking action and suggesting they try harder and not risk contaminating gluten on premise because the food becomes poisonous to the majority of us. Chefs know better and should either stop serving contaminated food, properly clean their facility allergen friendly or make it somewhere else. There are a growing amount of commercial kitchen coops that are allergen friendly helping to reduce contamination of independent bakers, chefs and more. It's time to go all in and make a change.

Note: Cafe business shown here have a GF disclaimer on the register and make it clear when speaking about said topic that consumers are to make their own decisions based on contamination facts.

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