Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Spread The McLovin

Here is a public service holiday + new years + gluten-free movement message to the entire community who eat food to survive. Ya that is definitely you. You are indeed what you eat and you are capable of controlling your actions, specifically late night snacking (speaking to myself). Eating healthier does not only benefit your entire-ness, but your individual parts like the heart, overall weight and walk forward and it inadvertently affects the people around and the dominoes that surround. Take a tip from the gluten-free movement, learn what's in your foods, each ingredient on that listing and if it's too long you probabyl shouldn't eat it because it's all processed crap. Take a second to realize that when there is so much fillers in the foods you eat, you're not eating anything real, but food that is "made" in a factory. Challenge yourself to enjoy more natural foods, that dont' have the fake man-made box ingredients and taste real food that your ancestors survived on. Then go enjoy the wii and the ipod and the new car.


  1. Recently saw an interview with an author (forget the name of his book and his name) who gave some similar general advice. His advice was to pretend that your great grandparents were alive today and ask them if they have heard of the food you were considering eating. He advises only eating those foods that your great grand parents would have heard of.

  2. Thx Matthew for the comment. I remember hearing something about that as well and how true !!! It's very brilliant to think about that concepts so let's all get some will power and try harder, haha!