Sunday, February 17, 2019

Why Gluten Free Dieters Still Have Symptoms

Still having gluten free symptoms? Despite your race, skin color, eye color, sex, or job, gluten related illness can strike. Modern science research has objectively showcased that any person, regardless of their heritage, often cannot ingest and digest food and beverage containing gluten resulting in a variety of auto immune related illnesses. 

Gluten related illnesses effects people differently, physically and internally, but carry a handful of similar symptoms despite the frustrating journey. Too many innocent people seem ill for a long period of time and cannot figure out how to treat themselves or receive bad medical advice causing damage to ones health. This road to diagnosis can be torture that lasts many years for some. Therefore, read through these gluten reduced behaviors vs gluten free behaviors and see where you belong today and how changes can be implemented to strive for a legit, gluten free lifestyle.

Gluten Can Cause Diarrhea, Skin Rash And Much More

Gluten, has been completely misdefined and misunderstood for decades by the general public. Gluten is either taken very serious, moderately or simply laughed at. Educated and intelligent humans can recognize the severity of gluten complexity and how it affects our kids, friends or acquaintances. However, common sense alone will not help someone commit to a very strict and proper gluten free lifestyle, for life!  Most common and uncomfortable symptoms of gas, diarrhea, fatigue, head fog, skin rashes such as dermatitis herpetiformis, weight loss or gain, isolated inflammation, villous atrophy and other auto immune issues will present themselves with the presence of gluten in ones diet. 

Defining "Reduced Gluten"

If you've ever declared yourself to be gluten-free, in any capacity, and can fairly recognize that gluten containing food is a culprit of detrimental health then you only have one decision to make; commit to a strictly gluten free lifestyle without taking on unnecessary risk, ever.  However, gluten risk taking or cheating is all around us. Nobody likes the word "cheat" and it shouldn't be taken lightly either.  For real, it's not sexy to talk negatively about gluten free living, trust me, I know because I hear the critics.  Cheating and risk are similar though in this instance. One may not admit to cheating on their gf diet, but you're choosing a risk all of the time for some sort of benefit, knowingly that you may get ill for indulgence.  Instagram influencers post the joys of GF dining, baking, cooking and sometimes the ingredients and packaged gluten-free options are not actually educating us. However, the reason for such misguided and naive gluten free health is our lack of universal definition to the phrase gluten free food, beverages and health / skin products and they leave out the serious conversation about risk. Therefore, conscious risk taking or accidents, cause severe misconceptions to the general public and we all may find ourselves needing to conquer the word, "No".

Gluten Free Lifestyles vs Reduce Gluten Free

  • Did you know that you're probably on a reduced gluten diet? If you're home is not gluten-free, your eating out, your food choices are not fully proven gluten-free safe, then you're consciously taking risk of gluten consumption due to negligence and cross contamination risk. Breathe and admit it. Your choices showcase that you should describe yourself on the gluten reduced diet. You're not gluten-free and should no longer use this phrase to be more accurate to yourself and general public.  However, you can make a change towards 100% gluten free health and avoid risk and accidents. 
  • Did you know that many great products, albeit organic, nonGMO, may use wheat grass and barley grass? These young grain grasses are debated in our community and believed by Celiacs to be a risk to those who are on a strict gluten free lifestyle due to the risk of cross contamination and inherent gluten DNA of the ingredient. 
  • Did you know that gluten removed beers contain wheat, barley and/or malts and use unproven science to ensure that gluten is safely removed? Most often these beers have small traces of gluten (or a lot) which cannot be guaranteed during random batch ppm testing. This could cause severe or moderate health concerns to those on a gluten free lifestyle. Despite the FDA guideline, <20 ppm testing, there are too many conflicting studies, lack of facts, and misleading input on these removal process, and stories of gluten-free patrons feeling ill to trust products that are made from gluten. Why risk this when there are dozens of safe alcoholic beverages made from gluten free ingredients?
  • Did you know that many Celiac or gluten related homes of kids/adults experience cross contamination daily?  When your partner leaves bread crumbs on the cutting board and when you buy products with cross contaminated ingredients, you're being re-introduced to gluten daily, if not every meal. If you are unable to have a 100% gluten free home daily then you're risk continues to be high of getting glutened / ill for the rest of your life. Your home is a "safe zone" and encourage you to clean it up and get rid of 100% gluten foods and beverages, etc. 
  • Did you know that if you regularly experience gluten related symptoms of any type, ongoing, then you're on a reduced gluten diet and might be taking too many risks?  When you define yourself as a gluten-free, then you inherently are agreeing to live on a legit, strict and safe 100% gluten free diet. Although there are constant challenges, GF only has this definition.  If not you're really just cheating yourself, and causing disarray to the entire gluten free general public with your mixed choices vs us all adhering to the same standards. Nobody said GF was easy, but when you commit all the way, truly 100% gluten free living, it does get easier and normal. 
  • Did you know that if you dine out regularly at restaurants, cafes and ice cream parlors that you're very likely to get cross contaminated?  Read the menu disclaimer, there is no place that will guarantee a safe gluten free meal in a cross contaminated gluten free kitchen. If you are consciously choosing to socialize outside of a GF safe kitchen, then you're risk taking is part of a reduced gluten free diet and not actually gluten-free lifestyle. Your gluten reduced behavior is now re-classified. 
  • Did you know that many gluten free labeled products are self labeled gluten-free? This signifies zero policing by a third party. Any entrepreneur or manufacturer can write anything on their package. However, if they get caught misleading or causing illness they can be penalized to a variety of degrees. This is why you should never assume anything is gluten free until they prove to you that it was tested for gluten under the lowest <5ppm detection possible, or you are taking a risk. 
  • Did you know that gluten free products can be verified through a variety of 3rd party organizations?  These are great, but also tricky because each GF logo may test for a different amount of gluten ppm. In turn these <5ppm,  <10 ppm or <20 ppm, bye the FDA gluten guidelines,  completely assume the greater general public can tolerate some gluten when they should be adhering to zero gluten ppm / non detectable.  Last time, I checked my actions, lifestyle, and body differ from the characteristics of the general population. 
  • Did you know that a diet is temporary while a lifestyle is permanent? Yes. Dieting is usually correlated with a fairly quick adjustment to an end. Gluten free diets are quick, non comprehensive and loose. A lifestyle is a pure commitment with no end. Gluten Free lifestyles showcase the most accurately strict commitment to a complete gluten free education on sciences behind the disease state, ingredients, supply chain, reading labels, risk of eating out and packaged goods, etc. Join the gluten-free lifestyle and take complete control of your gluten free health.  
  • Do you accept that you're not like other people? This is critical to your future self. Whether you are diagnosed with Celia Disease or another auto immune disease or another gluten intolerance, you have a second chance at life to learn more than the average person about the entire food industry. Yes!  You can still enjoy millions of food and beverage, but you cannot have the same privileges anymore. The moment you realize this and act accordingly to educate yourself and those around you, you're on a gluten-free lifestyle. Thriving is a few challenging steps away and can still socialize to the moon, enjoy food and live extremely well with better decision making, food prep and truly thinking two steps ahead to live vibrantly. 

In summary, risk is all around us. Whether you are avoiding gluten, peanuts, or any other allergy, it's difficult road ahead, but manageable with a serious commitment, and a smile. Taking on risk will only damage your health and your mind-frame.  It's virtually impossible to avoid gluten risk due to complex farming, food manufacturing processing and human mistake that exists in the entire world. Therefore, adhering to a gluten free lifestyle, can only be possible if you are extra careful, reducing your risks to zero, and have a gluten free home that allows you and family members to be in a safe zone.  All of this is feasible with a step by step process to acknowledge your reality and it's very possible.

These assumptions are made from over 22+ years of Celiac Disease diagnosis first hand. I listen, read/speak to gluten free people, their stories, observe behaviors in restaurants, chefs, wait staff, parents, kids of all ages and cities. I believe my opinions are accurate to share for your consideration. My intentions are to create and support a 100% gluten free community for us all to learn, share, and ask questions.  This is a two way street for us all to improve upon our constant GF challenges day to day :) Consult a physician for medical advice as you best see fit.

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