Saturday, September 23, 2017

2017 Gluten Free & Allergen Free Food Show Oct 14 and 15

Attention all smart and health conscious shoppers in the tri-state area, October 14 and 15th is the Gluten-Free & Allergen Friendly Expo! This is a humungous opportunity to learn along with your family and close friends who support your health needs. It surely does take support to be 100% committed to gluten-free safety and no cross contamination. Whether you have Celiac Disease or on a strict gluten-free smart diet choice, some of these brands you should learn more about and get to know as they could be your new favorites. Below is the info you need to grab tickets on discount and serious tips to have a great show and not get yourself ill or ill-informed.

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Food Show Expectations:
  1. Free Samples aka Try Before you Buy.
  2. Purchase product likely at a discount.
  3. Learn about brands and the people behind them.

  • What is the brand's story and why is gluten / allergy free food important to them?
  • Ask why they are gluten-free and if they are familiar with Celiac Disease safe food?
  • Talk to the people who serve food to ensure they are educated and not just paid to be there. 
  • Only eat food that is prepared on clean surfaces and with gloves to avoid food illness.
  • Sample and buy product that is made from recognizable ingredients. A lot of "gluten-free" labeled food is made from terrible ingredients. Why eat them?
  • Share what you liked and didn't with the event organizers, always :)

  • Never assume any food is gluten-free, crazy I know! But even at this type show people make mistakes and the wrong product may have been shipped to the event or a person was uneducated serving cross contaminated food. I've seen this happen too often :(
  • Don't throw food in your mouth as if you are a garbage can. Patiently wait your turn and learn before eating everything.
  • Read ingredient labels and nutritional facts and ask if you don't know what some ingredients are.
  • Avoid preservatives and food ingredients that you cannot pronounce, why would you eat those type of food or serve them to your kids?
  • Don't overdoes on breads, sugary desserts and such. This is your chance to learn about food and applications in which you should control your urges and not just find replacement foods. Live GF smart and healthy!
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