Friday, December 19, 2014

The Truth Behind The Gluten Free Trend

Gluten today is not the gluten from our ancient ancestors. It's common sense that we live in a different world and the environment and sciences have changed. Humans have done a lot of "stuff" to this place. The entire food supply, soil, animal grazing (or lack thereof), insects are dying, weather adjustments and science monsters who created GMOs (Monsanto) have altered the entire planet. 

"People Treat Their Mouths
Like Garbage Cans"

  • The Joke: People have been told to avoid gluten because you can lose weight fast!  Everyone loves to lose weight especially without doing any exercising. That's a lazy attitude, when you should be gathering a food education.
  • Let's Get Serious: Avoiding bread, pasta, pastries, and common foods with gluten is obvious because you are reducing your calorie, sugar and likely other inflammatory based foods such as dairy. However, are you doing enough research about food health and understanding why gluten is a real issue?
  • Reading Labels: People are not reading ingredients and making smart decisions.  Gluten is visible or hidden in most foods in this country. Just look at dangerous, highly processed and cheap high fructose corn syrup (GMO) which has been put in so many USA foods as a quick and simple sugar filler by large brands. Does that ingredient actually sound safe, c'mon.
  • Too Easy Food Replacements: Many gluten-free products seem yummy, have nice packaging and strike you with their claims, but they are not healthy. They're mostly using alternative ingredients and making them taste good with oils and sugars (bad solutions) that don't have nutrient dense ingredients that provide taste. This will inevitably put on the lbs or more issues. 
  • Dining Out Disasters: If restaurant choose to cater to people asking for gluten-free but don't take on the responsibility to ethically provide truly safe gluten-free food then consumers will get sick and/or continue to be uneducated about food safety and health. If a gluten-free brand or restaurant entree isn't safe for someone with Celiac Disease, gluten intolerant, wheat allergies and many other auto immune related and inflammatory health then guess what, that meal isn't gluten-free. The FDA finally took a simple step forward to help the public learn since people haven't been taking gluten-free labeling seriously. However there is not enough policing when most places still get people ill. 
Even A 3-Year-Old Would Tell You,
"Eating Healthy Is Smart, Not Caring Is Stupid"

Gluten-free lifestyles are incredibly sustainable and been proven to be satisfying and prosperous since the beginning of time. Albeit removing some foods from your life is tough, it's doable.  Lifestyle adjustment to avoid gluten (protein founds in wheat, barley, ryes, malts, etc) that are creating fans out of your parents, cousins, neighbors and hippies around around the block. But is gluten-free any different than low calorie, low fat, carb free, etc? Yes. It's actually completely different because it's backed by an auto immune disease, Celiac Disease, that effects every preson regardless of race, gender or religion around the entire world including Swedish, Italian and African nations. The treatment? 100% gluten-free living and that means avoiding contaminated foods from suppliers and manufacturers that have cross-contaminated products by people during the manufacturing supply chain.

What is Celiac Disease: Thanks for asking, it's the reason there is a gluten-free trend right now and not a fad. Most people don't know what Celiac Disease, do you? And if you do, how does that effect your everyday life when you choose to buy gluten-free packaged goods or at a restaurant? Start your education at today.

  • Great Benefits: Avoiding gluten is a positive lifestyle change, despite the haters in the world who live for bread, beer and 7-11 snacking. Remember that avoiding gluten should improve your awareness of other food ingredients that exist in the world, cultures and nutrient dense foods that you never had before. Don't be naive, the food in our world is not good for you and you should re-gain control. 
  • No Risks: There are no risks when avoiding gluten. The body doesn't depend on it ensuring that eliminating wheat, barley, rye, malts (common food such as bread, pastries, dressings, filled for many Rx, sauces and dressings). You can eat smarter,  take supplements and purchase so many new foods that provide nutrient rich and fortifying foods to be sure you're balanced, healthy and smart that are waiting for you in the grocery stores.  Athletes and every day people successfully live gluten-free... just like you and me. 

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