Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Video How To Bottle Kombucha - Tips & Tricks

Fermenting kombucha at home is super exciting and once it's ready to bottle the drinking will begin! Since it's naturally gluten-free, and my kitchen is 100% gluten-free, it's going to be a heavenly experience for the next few weeks while the next batch is underway. Check out my GlutenFreeG YouTube Channel for all videos.

The kombucha bottling process continues to be simple yet tedious because it requires both cleanliness and necessary prep materials for bottling and future storage over the next few weeks for drinking and new batches.  At this stage you can bottle it in growlers, recycled liquor bottles and recycled tea or juice glass bottles (not plastic) that you can buy from the store or from friends and family to save a few dollars. Add the buch carefully with your spoon and funnel slowly into your glass bottles. As these new bottles are about to be closed you can place them into the same closed, dark but breathable kitchen storage area for 1-2 more days. This is the moment when you could add some flavors such as fruits, or spices, or keep it simple as is I prefer). After 1-2 days or so then refrigerate. Or you can place your buch directly into the back of the refrigerator immediately and keep it in the back because kombucha doesn't require light in fact too much light will damage the good bacteria.

Your scobie and a starter can be packed into a new, clean small glass jar with a breathable lid or seran wrap with holes in it and placed into the refrigerator. This process should be done carefuly and cleanly as preserving your scobie with buch (starter) for next time keeps the drinking process  ongoing ;) don't stop after one fermentation, that's crazy talk! This is an ongoing process every two weeks or so to enjoy kombucha instead of having to buy it regularly. If you don't have time to make another batch then just keep the gallon jar covered with your cheese cloth again in the refrigerator until ready, no worries.

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Remember, only sip kombucha and most drinks for that matter, haha. Don't chug kombucha as it contains healthy bacterias and you don't need to overload your tummy. Instead sip it as a daily ritual to allow the healthy cultures into your digestive system for balanced healthy living. 

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