Friday, November 1, 2013

The First Gluten-Free Girl Scout Cookie Is Coming

The famous yet infamous Girl Scouts, who we love so much, but have been frustrated with for dozens of years due to their inability to introduce a gluten-free (gf) cookie has come through... They had been working closely with Celiac Spru Association (CSA) to introduce a pilot program for their chocolate chip shortbread cookie. It was made in a gluten-free facility and tested for <5ppm much better than the FDA regulation of <20ppm (because gluten-free products should contain as little gluten ppm traces as scientifically possibly.

What Is It?
The gluten-free chocolate chip shortbread cookie has no early photo releases, but it does sound enticing, why? It's made from many different ingredients than the typical unhealthy Girl Scout products that we feed our kids and families. Yes. I'm serious.

  • No artificial flavors, colors, high fructose corn syrup, palm oil, hydrogenated oils
  • Made with real chocolate chips and butter. 
  • 5 oz resealable pouch with 12 pouches per case 

When Is It Available?
Starting in 2014 there will be 20 councils offering the gluten-free chocolate chip shortbread cookie. To review this pilot program and learn more go here.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  Q. Are there GMO ingredients used?
  A. Yes (all girl scout cookies have GMOs)

  Q. What is the freshness and freeze by dates different with this gf cookie?
  A. Testing has not been fully determined so the shelf life is shorter and can be assumed that they use more natural ingredients compared others which require a shorter life span on the shelf.

  Q. Will it taste any better than the hundreds of other gf cookies on the market?
  A. Im guessing it won't be much better than a home made cookie, but we shall see.

  Q. What is the price?
  A. No announcement has been made, but let's compare it to a comparable oz product on the market and they're going to sell them above all current SKUs.

  Q. Are they Kosher?
  A. Circle UD Kosher certification. All major products get Kosher certified to maximize their consumer reach. Glad to see this was considered.

  Q. Will you support the Girl Scouts with their new gluten-free cookie?
  A. I will certainly support my friends and family who are troops in these pilot programs and sample the product and see if it's any good and check the ingredients in full.

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