Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Naked Juice Lies about GMO Labeling, Class Action Lawsuit Open


The world must know that brands who label incorrectly can not only lose a lot of money in a lawsuit, but damage to the brand name and equity possibly destroying brand trust forever! A brand's promise to customers especially around health is extremely important. If you're going to promise all natural ingredients and lie about it well you may just lose a lot of customers.

As a food brand did they not know GMO (genetically modified organisms) are not a real, natural god bearing seed, it's made in a laboratory by Monsanto joining DNA and pesticides and the FDA labels a GMO seed not a food, but a pesticide, of course. And newsflash, most of the produce you buy from a regular grocery is likely GMO, unless labeled "organic". Did you know that most of Western Europe bans USA's Monsanto's GMO seeds... hmm how sad it feels to be American sometimes.

Read up and learn all about how you may be entitled to $75 money back or much more with or without a receipt of your Naked Juice since 2007. I know that I have had quite a few of them, but if only I kept every receipt in my life, shucks! File a Naked Juice lawsuit claim here.

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