Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Nutrition Lies From The Past That Made Us Sick

I just came across a fantastic article from Business Insider that had me exploding with joy and relief all at the same time. It's my belief that you can only believe 1/2 of what you read and 1/2 of what you see and I grew up being so curious as to why I was "supposed to" avoid certain foods like limiting my eggs or not having too much meat. 

There is typically a motive behind any positioning and that's why you must do your own research, follow your instincts and balance this with literature and conversation from different opinions. The "experts" are not always right and that's why we have extremely healthy people vs the opposite.

Here are 12 myths that I can vouch personally that shaped my 30+ year old life and probably effected many of yours. Read this entire article and think about how your nutrition has been affected, shopping methods and cooking practices have been changed due to better research and improper fact busting. 

13 Nutritional Lies From The Past

1. Eggs are bad for you
2. A calorie is a calorie
3. Saturated fat is not healthy
4. Eating a lot of protein is bad 
5. Everyone should be eating "heart healthy" whole wheat 
6. Coffee is bad 
7. Meat is bad
8. The healthiest diet is low fat and high carbs
9. Refined seed and vegetable oils are healthy
10. Low carb diets are ineffective and harmful
11. Cut back on sodium
12. Sugar is bad because it contains empty calories 
13. Fat will make you fat

Keep in mind if and when you do decide to make changes to your health that you balance your meals, exercise and stay hydrated with all natural and simple foods and beverage. The key here is less is still more and to consume foods that our ancient ancestors focused on overall. We may live in a new age, but we still are human beings like those who prospered before us. Thanks again to Business Insider for sharing this article. 

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