Saturday, September 14, 2013

Change The World, Scarecrow

Can you tell which brand is behind this highly charged movement? Watch the dramatic Scarecrow teaser and consider downloading the app if you want to have fun and it connects with your values.

Everyday, I walk in and out of this world and I find myself learning something new about food all of the time. Typically, I can see in a storefront from afar and guess what is likely being offered inside. Or I can smell the bakery of sandwich shop down the corner.

But do you know what you're truly eating? Do you care about each ingredient and the source of it's manufacturing? Where was this dairy farmed and what are their manufacturing processes?  Can you trust the food labeling and marketing behind an old brand who hasn't evolved it's ingredient recipe despite it's "great taste"? Is this all too much to worry about or are you taking some steps forward for yourself and your family/friends health?

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