Sunday, June 2, 2013

Dr. Fasano Recognized With Linus Pauling Award

"Until doctors start practicing the fundamental principles of health and wellness in their own lives, they will (in my humble opinion) be under qualified to give advice to sick people." Dr Fasano

Those with a gluten sensitivity have been longing for an deeper understanding into what may be their conditional needs and diagnosis outside of Celiac Disease and doctors telling them they are crazy.

Functional Medicine and the "Triangle of Health" 

Thank you Dr. Peter Osborne, Founder of Gluten Free Society and Clinical Director of Town Center Wellness.

Very often doctors are not fully educated on food nutrition and wellness or fully tuned in to the individual needs that make all of us unique. A one size fit all diagnosis with Rx medication is a mistake from 20-50+ years ago of medical practices. Often Rx will only mask the root of the issues we face which stem from unique environmentally factors. It begins with the nature of our DNA and the other environmental factors that effect our DNA via physical, mental and biochemistry influences.

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