Thursday, June 13, 2013

Bolivia Says Peace Out Fast Food!

Think about it... As crazy as your day may have been today, it's worth a smile right now because the nation of Bolivia has cracked down on fast food with the great understanding that it's horrible for it's people's health. Bolivians clearly don't trust food that's made, prepared and rang up in seconds and thats comforting and eye-opening. Although there were eight stores left that were losing money they stayed open for brand awareness. That's a pride that only a super powerful company has the finances to afford such as the golden arches of McDs. 

Bolivia's Cultural Rejection

What seems even more eye-whomping, pun intended, is that the people have rejected McDonalds for many years the article shares. There is also a documentary supported by marketers, foodies and community members all over the country. It's important to really understand that deep in Bolivian culture is a high regard/respect what goes in and out of their bodies. They continue by sharing that the McRib has about 70 processed ingredients into one product. Oye! Last time I checked meat such as ribs were from nature's free roaming animals, not multiples added together, and when grilling you barely need spices, seasonings or bbq sauce to have a great meal. 

Should The World & You Follow?

This is your choice. It may feel heavy that this has gone public and is circulating around the world, but that's warming. I've brought it to your attention because you must know how our world continues to shift. People and nation make change. It is not too late to make adjustments in your daily life and slowly or rapidly adapt natural foods, cook more often and explore ways in which you can gain more control of your health and wellness.

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Reported by Natural News here.

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