Thursday, September 1, 2011

GF FDA Regulations Coming!

Gluten-Free in the mainstream for the right cause yesterday.  CBS reports that the FDA mentions they will push regulations to monitor Gluten-Free claims.

The issues, as shared many times before, are that companies are not held accountable for claiming gluten-free labeling, which has nearly no regulations to date. And to max out the trials and tribulations that those with Celiac Disease suffer vs those with are on the gluten free band wagon. 

Special shout out to NYC's Babycakes for supporting the gluten-free pastry obsessed community love for the past 5+ years :) There are some brands and restaurants who try harder while 99.9% of these places are unsafe for anyone on a gluten free lifestyle. Period. My advise is to not dine out just plan ahead until real change happens. 

This is good news, looking forward to seeing the after-math of their statement and if the FDA will actually do something for a change to support those with Celiac Disease, not just poor gluten free guidelines. 

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