Thursday, March 31, 2011

Channel 8 & 9 News Reports on Chef in Glenwood Springs

I'd like to take this moment and thank KJCT8 & Colorado 9 news for reporting last night on this important matter:  These are MUST see reports! Click below.

News is that Damian Cardone moved to NJ.... restaurants beware! diners beware!

KJCT8 news: Chef deliberateyl tries to make customers sick. Link
Colorado 9 news: Chef's gluten-free secret posted online uproar. Link

However, this is just the beginning of a larger, national and international urgent storyline... Restaurant owners must hire and educate well educated staff on food ingredients, nutrition and allergies to strive for health excellence and world class culinary practices in the food and beverage industries they represent. If not, Celiacs and other allergy sensitive patrons, will suffer.

In addition, any malicious behavior such as Damian Cardone's must be reported and tried in the court of law so that this type of malicious, pre-meditated behaviors are accountable and face consequences. If not, it's all just a joke, and the great people of the USA and worldwide can do as they please and harm innocent people.

Please follow @GlutenFreeG for tweets about gluten-free, Celiac Disease and other related allergy matter and interact to form a safe, fun and exciting gluten-free community hereafter.

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