Monday, July 12, 2010

GF Pizza That Is Not GF?

I love pizza... It is a treat for me... It smells, looks and tastes beautifully! Am I drooling? But I have horrible news for you, my gluten-free friends... just because the pizza ingredients are touted as gluten-free that does not mean when it arrives on your plate @ your table it still is.

Why you ask? Well a lot of restaurants are supporting the gluten-free movement and we love this, but when you are a Celiac you need to ask more questions about the kitchen preparations that they won't always tell you upfront. Often the question you should ask to your waiter and/or manager on duty should be:


  • Do you use the same pizza tray or stone?
  • Does the chef change his apron?
  • Does the chefs or line use separate ingredients for all pizza?
  • Do you bake your pizza in the same oven as regular pizza? 

Unfortunately this may be the case ... your GF food may be contaminated with traces or more of gluten more often than not so please be wise and ask this question when you hear about your pizza and also dishes of rice, pasta, other baked, grilled or fried gf options! Tell them how important it is that you separate GF so places stop touting food as gluten-free lifestyle half ass and more strictly following 100% gluten-free for those who are medically diagnosed as Celiacs! It is confusing all of us and getting many Celiacs ill without knowing. For all of you who are eating gluten-free lifestyle start taking it more seriously and help the rest of us by demanding 100% gf because of this issue.

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  1. What a great blog post. This is something that doesn't just affect people who are gluten-free. It also affects diabetes when restaurants claim that food is sugar free when it really isn't. Thanks for your insight into this very important health issue.