Thursday, June 17, 2010

Gee, Thank You, Whole Foods.

It is a fact, Whole Foods has hooked me up with a big a$$ bag of GF products for sampling. I met with Heather @ the Cherry Creek, Denver CO location on a gorgeous sunny day, 7pm. We talked GF shop, laughed even skipped down the aisles together as she took me on a thorough explanation of some of the newer products in store. Heather was kind enough to let me put a variety of foods in my bag that I had not tried, such as; chips, salsa, dairy free ice cream and cheese, pasta, sauce, nut butter, granola, chips and more. I think I gained weight just thinking about all of this food. Sooooo, over the next few weeks as promised, I"ll provide a few passages on how these foods taste, smell, look and sell as a GF consumer.

Please leave your thoughts as necessary party people...

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